These 3 Foods Can Actually Make Your Skin Healthier

Let's be honest, who eats food just for the sake of their taste buds, anyway? The nutrients you find in food can have an impact across your entire body, and that includes your skin.

Certain foods are proven to do wonderful things for that layer of protection that boldly defends our bones, internal organs and circuitry.

Dark Chocolate

Cocoa flavanols in the chocolate have antioxidant properties. These properties don't just sound good, they ARE good.

These antioxidants can lead to improved skin hydration and even better circulation.


The magic of the watermelon is actually in the water. The abundance of it you can find in each juicy slice could actually reduce that puffiness under your eyes that we all hate so much.

That puffiness is caused by water retention.


What would a healthy foods article be without saffron? OK, we're admittedly a bit bias here ...

But saffron is actually an incredible thing. There's a reason it's called the most magical spice on the planet.

Saffron is not just for eating though, its effects can be felt inside all sorts of stuff. 

In this context, we're talking about saffron face cream, which supports healthy pigmentation, brightens skin tone, reduces wrinkles, and can protect against toxins.

You can buy saffron face cream easily online right here at Zaffrus.

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