Here's What Happens to Your Skin as You Age

 As we age things happen to our skin that, let's be honest, we're not so crazy about. But there is a lot you can do to help prevent the issues that plague your epidermis.

Skin naturally gets more slack with time and loses a lot of its natural elasticity.

It also thins out and becomes more transparent which sounds attractive to exactly no one. 

Wrinkles, of course, also appear and can become more pronounced.

Age Spots can appear as well, one of the bigger things people try to avoid as they age. They are often small patches of brown that appear on your skin.

Usually these age spots aren’t harmful, but it’s good to always have a doctor look.

As with many other skin conditions, the sun is a big culprit here.

So you can prepare  for this more by reducing sun exposure, and using the right creams.

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