These Foods are Natural Appetite Suppressants

What happens when you’re cold and feeling festive and going to parties every weekend? You EAT! All the cheese, all the desserts, all the fried, sauce-covered, sugar-coated goodness you can get your hands on.


It’s tough to rely on willpower in these situations, but there are a few foods you can incorporate into your diet now that may help you eat LESS during the holidays.

Check out these natural appetite suppressants and try to keep your overindulgences at bay this year.



Nuts are loaded with healthy fats and fiber to make you more satisfied and help you feel fuller longer. This study suggests that snacking on almonds made participants less hungry and likely to overeat. 




Thanks to capsaicin, spicy food and spices such as cayenne pepper can increase your metabolism and also make you feel full faster and unlikely to overeat. 

The strong scent of mint is also believed to help curb cravings and reduce the desire to snack excessively. 



Apples are 85% water and a medium apple contains 4 grams of fiber! Both of these will help fill you up fast and keep you satisfied longer. Additionally, apples contain pectin, which helps to regulate blood glucose levels and reduce insulin spikes that can cause you to feel hungry.


Chia seeds

Full of both soluble and insoluble fiber, chia seeds are another food that suppress appetite by keeping you fuller longer. They can also absorb 10 times their weight in water, expanding and forming a gel-like substance in your stomach that provides a sense of fullness. 



Oatmeal is super high in fiber that keeps you feeling fuller and are also believed to reduce the hunger hormone, ghrelin



Healthy fats make you feel satisfied and fill you up quickly. Additionally, a small scoop of this delicious fruit can help regulate sugar and insulin spikes.



Yes, potatoes. These starchy spuds are more resistant to digestive enzymes, so they stick around keeping you full longer. Choose sweet potatoes for the added benefit of being loaded with vitamin A and C. 

Need some more tips to keep you from overeating?

Stay hydrated

Symptoms of dehydration and hunger are similar, so it’s easy to confuse the two. Reach for a glass of water before a handful of chips next time. Plus - it’s also harder to overeat when your stomach is full of liquid!

Curb stress levels

Stress levels during the holidays seem to be at an all time high for many of us and it's really easy to overeat when you're feeling this way. Practice meditation and get some exercise to keep your stress level in check. Certain foods, such as saffron may also help you reduce stress and therefore eat less.


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