Safflower is NOT Saffron!

Saffron VS Safflower. What's the difference? Said quickly or in the same sentence, the untrained ear might not even be able to pick up on the distinction. But the two are different enough to cause spice cabinet quarrels and general confusion. Let's try to clear things up a bit.
Saffron isn't cheap. It is by far the world's most expensive spice, and that's no new feat. During the middle ages, shady saffron merchants caught selling fake saffron could be executed by law. Why so expensive? Simple. Each saffron flower produces just three stigmas of saffron. These flowers can be harvested for just one week each year. They have to be picked by hand, and it takes about 1,000 flowers to produce just an ounce of saffron. It's no wonder that price sensitive chefs have searched for an alternative. Enter safflower

Some use safflower as a cheap substitute for saffron. For safflower to produce a similar taste and presence to its soundalike, a relatively large quantity of it must be added to a dish. Saffron is capable of producing powerful flavors, while safflower is generally more mild. A quick perusal of the internet yields less recipe ideas for safflower than that of saffron, indicating that safflower is a less culinarily esteemed spice. 
Here at Zaffrus we claim spice impartiality. That being said, for some excellent saffron (NOT safflower) recipe ideas, give our website, Twitter, and Instagram a look.