How Spices Can Help You Eat Cleaner

How Spices Can Help You Eat CleanerClean eating is a buzzword that can be found all over the news and social media these days. While it may sound like it’s just the latest trend, generally, clean eating is simply an overall approach to eating healthier. This can mean eating more real food and less ultra processed food, cutting out excessive sugar and salt, and focusing on more plant-based foods. When you’re used to old habits, you may worry that all of your food will suddenly taste bland and boring. Luckily, thanks to your spice cabinet, nothing can be further from the truth. Read on to see how spices can help you eat cleaner.

Here's How Spices Can Help You Eat Cleaner


Spices Taste Good

First, spices just taste good. You can bring plenty of flavor to your food without loading up on salt and fat. Garlic, cumin, and chili powder have notable flavors that can spice up any dish including pasta, stir fries, stews, and chilis. Looking for a little sweetness to replace that artificial sugar? Try sprinkling cinnamon on yogurt or fruit for a yummy treat. And if you want something more exotic, saffron can dress up your chicken or rice dishes with its gorgeous yellow hue and unique flavor. Spices can help you eat cleaner, simply by making your food taste good!


Spices May Speed Up Your Metabolism

Spices that are particularly spicy, such as cayenne may be able to give your metabolism a boost. Capsaicin, found in many peppers, is a thermogenic chemical that may raise your body temperature, give your metabolism a boost, and help you burn fat.

Spices - How Spices Can Help You Eat Cleaner

Spices Can Help Suppress Your Appetite

Cayenne pepper and other thermogenic spices such as cardamom and turmeric may increase body temperature and cause you to feel fuller faster. Ginger and cinnamon may also help to lower blood sugar and prevent a glucose spike after a sugary meal. Furthermore, feeling satisfied from a balanced meal will prevent you from reaching for ultra processed snacks later.


Spices Are Packed With Health Benefits

Spices are small, but powerful. Many spices including cinnamon, garlic, saffron, and ginger are considered by many to have incredible health benefits. Spices have been used for years to treat everything from indigestion, to infection, to heart disease, and everything in between!

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