How Will Modern Chiropractic & Healthy Food Improve Your Brain Function?

“You only get one life. Make sure the lifestyle that you choose allows you to best express your potential.” – Dr. Rachel, Modern Chiropractor.

When you think about chiropractic, you might picture someone jerking joints into alignment. Twisting and cracking to straighten out posture. Wrangling back and neck pain into submission. There is a new variant of chiropractic, and it’s probably not like you’ve pictured. Modern chiropractic aims to aid the body in a deeper way than simply straightening out poise.

To better understand some of the intricacies regarding this practice, we brought in a professional. Dr. Rachel uses modern chiropractic techniques at her green-living-roofed facility, Life Expression. Dr. Rachel’s goal is to care for the entire nervous system, the circuitry that connects the brain to the rest of the body. The spine encases a highway of nerves. These nerves play a pivotal role in the body’s natural motion, how our organs function, and even how our tissues develop. Simply put, when the brain can speak clearly to the rest of the body, the body is free to function properly.

There are often roadblocks and speedbumps in this highway of nerves. To smooth them out, Dr. Rachel uses gentle touches to bring the nervous system to better balance. Rather than apply ample outside force, she works in accordance with the movement of the body to bring proper alignment to the nerves, reconnecting them to the brain. Dr. Rachel has become accustom to fine tuning the body. When she met up with the Zaffrus team, she could sense right away that we’d been making less than optimal lifestyle choices.

Dr. Rachel pointed out that chiropractic is like detective work. In the same way that a well-trained mechanic could tell if your car had been off-road hooning, a chiropractor like Dr. Rachel can observe what type of obstacles we’ve been subjecting our bodies to. Her fingers can sense if toxic junk food has been consumed. The nerves that connect the stomach and intestines tattle on our poor dietary choices.

Dr. Rachel explaining the effects of our eating habits on our neural system. She can detect if you are eating healthy or unhealthy just using her fingers!

Chiropractic is a lens into the body. It tells us that it is imperative to consume pure air, water and food. What we eat, breathe, and drink necessarily effects our brain function. It is important for us to strive to maintain healthy dietary decisions to promote our physiology’s flourishing. When we fall out of healthy habits, our body pays the price. Unhealthy habits place undue stress on the body. A stress that needs to be kneaded out.

Why is a renegotiation of our nerves necessary? The stresses of our life bring a kind of disjointing to our nerves. This disjointing is referred to as a subluxation. Injuries, mishaps in our childhood, even the bodily stresses of being birthed can cause subluxations to occur. Subluxations are misalignments of the spine, nerves and organs. These misalignments can cause disruptions in the brain’s messages to the rest of our bodies. When these issues are present, our brain can’t communicate clearly with the rest of our being. Our body is robbed of the ability to fully renew itself.

Modern chiropractic is a powerful tool on its own. However, when it is coupled with healthy eating, exercise, and general preventative care, it becomes part of habitual living oriented to achieve our maximum potential in this life. Dr. Rachel believes that any food found in nature (so long as it is not processed with anything toxic to the body) is considered a healthy choice and is symbiotic to her modern style of chiropractic.

The interview with Dr. Rachel was very fun and informative. At the end, she surprised us by sharing that she is a huge fan of using saffron in her tea!

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