Here's How to Make Saffron Tea (And Other Ways to Drink Your Saffron!)

It’s no secret that we love saffron, the world’s most magical spice. In addition to the unique flavor and exotic color of saffron, the health benefits from consuming saffron on a regular basis are incredible. While saffron can certainly elevate the status of many basic dishes, you may be wondering if there is an easier way to consume your saffron on a daily basis. One of our favorite ways is to drink it! Saffron tea is an easy and delicious way to get a powerful dose of antioxidants. Not sure the hot stuff is your saffron cup of tea? Try the decades old favorite saffron milk or a refreshing glass of saffron lemonade! Read on to find out how to make saffron tea, along with other ways to drink your saffron!

Here's How to Make Saffron Tea

saffron tea

Saffron Tea

Tea has long been used as a natural remedy for colds, anxiety, and numerous other ailments. Adding saffron may give your tea an extra boost of antioxidants to make your tea work even harder for you. Saffron tea can be made simply by steeping several saffron threads in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes. As some people may not enjoy the taste of saffron on its own, saffron tea can be made by adding saffron threads to herbal tea, or by adding other flavors, such as honey, lemon, or cinnamon. 

saffron milk

Saffron Milk

Also called Kesar Doodh, saffron milk is a comforting drink that has been enjoyed for decades all over the world. This quick and easy recipe is believed to be a remedy for everything from colds and stomach cramps to insomnia! Try it today by boiling 5 cups of milk on low heat until about ⅓ evaporates and the milk begins to thicken. Stir in ½ cup of sugar and a pinch of saffron and simmer for 5 minutes. Allow to cool and then serve hot or cold with cardamom or ground nuts, such as pistachios or almonds.

saffron lemonade

Saffron Lemonade

For a refreshing twist on saffron, try some saffron lemonade! You can make your own by soaking a pinch of saffron threads and then combining 3 cups of cold water, ½ cup lemon juice, ½ cup of sugar.

zaffrus lemonade

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