Healing with Food: Ancient Practices for a Modern Age

There are many life hacks that have been developed to combat America’s unhealthiness. Login to Facebook and watch 1-minute cooking videos. Their breathtaking simplicity and the way by which they capture the eye is enough to make even the hapless cook, such as myself, feel confident enough to turn cabbage into something flavorful. Walk down the aisles of Pinterest pages. Be transformed by the beauty captured in an airy quote superimposed over a desktop-background quality photo. Follow fitspiration models on Instagram. Have your butt-busting routine freely ladled out by perfectly dressed athletes.

These are common solutions. The knee-jerk fixes to unhealthiness. Are they sustainable?

Here’s the short answer: we’re not sure. But here’s what we are sure of: Effective, sustainable philosophies of health were around long before the dawn of the internet. They were, and (in some places) are still practiced to promote the flourishing of the mind, body, and spirit uni-vocally. So, what are these practices? And, if effective, how can we incorporate these esoteric health habits into our daily lives?

We are a saffron company dedicated to the promotion of healthy lifestyles. In light of this, we are continually striving to deliver you healthy habits. Not life hacks. Proven philosophies and remedies that have withstood the test of time.

The Zaffrus team recently interviewed women’s health coach, Hadas Knox, to figure out how we can holistically sharpen ourselves. The first thing she pointed out to us was the notion we tried to allude to in the beginning of our article. We live in a very unhealthy culture. Knox became entrenched in it herself. The Brooklyn resident fell into the ease of consuming fast food, became addicted to processed sugar, and regularly filled pharmaceutical prescriptions. By most standards; a typical American lifestyle. These choices carry baggage. Knox recalls battling chronic anxiety and depression during this slump caused by her dietary decisions.

Hadas Knox interview with Zaffrus

Hadas Knox holding Zaffrus Saffron Jar and Saffron Rock Candy with a lovely smile after her inspiring journey to eat healthy and help women as holistic nutritionist.

Fed up with it all, Knox made the instinctual move to enroll in a certification program for holistic health and healing counseling. She recalls feeling one of the greatest ah-ha moments of her life in that class. The counselor in training uncovered a forgotten piece of her identity. A seed planted in her childhood began to unfurl. The young Hadas Knox and her father frequented South America. She was afforded the opportunity to walk the jungles, meet the locals, and study their “alternative” medicine practices. These memories led Knox to make big changes in her diet. The changes cured Knox of her chronic anxiety and depression, suppressed migraines, and improved her body-image. Establishing this baseline of health allowed the young counselor to find her true passion: she learned how to lead those who have succumbed to unhealthy habits back on the right track.

Knox doesn’t get people making healthy decisions through quick fixes, easy outs, or social media ploys. Her educational style is influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, cultures of longevity, and modern scientific research. In short, she teaches wisdom that has been practiced for centuries. Transformation starts naturally and is ground into habit by daily practice. Knox holds to the belief that nature contains all the answers to our culture’s health issues. The same thing that causes the problem is also the solution when properly understood. It’s the food we eat. With a solid diet, Knox believes that we can create an environment within the body that thwarts the flourishing of physical and mental diseases.

With several years of successful holistic health coaching under her belt, who better to test Zaffrus saffron than Hadas Knox? The healer claims that anything in nature can be used as medicine. Sticking to her philosophy, Knox proposed she try incorporating Zaffrus saffron into her cooking and daily lifestyle over the course of several weeks. Quality saffron promises to lower blood pressure, aid digestion, promote a healthy cycle in women, and repress aging. Do these claims hold true under her testing? Be sure to check out our subsequent blogs as we follow Hadas Knox on her healing journey. Of course, we’ll be sharing all of the tips that we learn along the way.

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