A Honey Ceremony is the Sweetest Wedding Tradition

Weddings are steeped in traditions and customs, and these rituals vary widely across the globe. Some of the sweetest wedding traditions include a honey ceremony. Newlywed Armenian couples are known to eat a spoonful of honey following their ceremony to symbolize happiness. In some Greek weddings, the bride and groom are fed honey from silver spoons as a symbol of sweetness. As many cultures believe honey represents sweetness, fertility, and love, honey is the perfect addition to any wedding tradition. 

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Photo by Alison Conklin 

Persian Honey Kiss 

One of our favorite honey traditions is the honey ceremony or honey kiss! In this Persian ritual, the bride and groom take turns dipping their fingers in a dish of honey and feeding it to each other. The sweetness of the honey symbolizes a sweet life and future together. The honey ceremony is generally performed right before the groom kisses the bride, and we can’t think of a sweeter way to start a marriage.

honey kiss

Photo by Alison Conklin 

Saffron Honey for Passion and Love

Saffron honey is the perfect choice for a honey kiss, because saffron is symbolic of love and passion. Saffron has been used as an aphrodisiac in many cultures for centuries. Cleopatra is known to have bathed in saffron milk in preparation to meet her suitors! Furthermore, the crocus flower, from which saffron is derived, is symbolic of cheerfulness and has roots of passion in Greek mythology. Adding saffron to your honey ceremony is the perfect way to add a symbol of love and passion.

honey ceremony

Photo by Alison Conklin

Zaffrus' Saffron Infused Honey

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saffron honey

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Many thanks to Alisa Tongg, Celebrant for providing photos for this post.