These May Be the Most Addictive Foods on the Planet


These could be the 4 most addicting foods on the planet. And you won't be surprised to find out that none of them are particularly good for you. How unfortunate that the most addicting foods are also not good for you! That's life, I guess.

So how do we know? Science! A University of Michigan study took a look and found these ranked results:

1. Pizza

2. Chocolate

3. Chips

4. Cookies

5. Ice Cream

6. French Fries

7. Cheeseburgers

Yes, everything on this list tastes pretty good, surprised?

What else do all of these have in common besides your run-of-the-mill deliciousness?

They are high in sugar and/or fat

Some scientists say that the high glycemic index of these foods gets them into your bloodstream and pleasure centers faster.

Some foods can also release dopamine into the brain, which also stimulates pleasure. And who doesn't want more pleasure, right?

This all, of course, makes us crave more.

An example of a low-glycemic food is brown rice. In this case the sugars don't enter your bloodstream nearly as quickly.

Incidentally, brown rice pairs incredibly with saffron, the world's most incredible spice. Combine those two things and you have yourself a relatively healthy little combo of yumminess without all the addiction.

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