The Incredible Process that Brings Saffron to Your Dinner Table

There's a reason saffron is not only known as the most incredible spice on the planet, but also the most expensive — it takes a ton of real, meticulous manual labor to take saffron from the ground to your dinner table.

It's an incredibly labor-intensive process, involving some incredible farmers, mostly in Iran right now, though, saffron harvesting is not exclusive to the country.

Saffron Crocus flowers only bloom during a six-week time frame during the year. That's all the window you have to bring those wonderful threads into the world.

The aforementioned beloved threads are the stigmas of saffron flowers.

During this six-week period, early in the morning, farmers pick the flowers one by one. Then they extract the dry stigmas from the flowers. These are what will become those wonderful threads.

The stigmas are then dried out before becoming the full-on saffron threads we know and love.

This all has to be done by hand, which is, again, why saffron tends to be expensive. But it is so worth it!

Besides tasting delicious and acting as an incredible complement to a ton of different dishes, saffron can have many positive health benefits as well.

90% of Saffron is grown in Iran, but it’s easy to buy.

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